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Good Grips

Good Grips Produce Keeper 4L

Good Grips Produce Keeper 4L

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Great for heads or bags of lettuce, broccoli and medium-sized fruits. Waste less and save more with GreenSaver™. Three things cause produce to rot and spoil quickly: ethylene gas, improper airflow and uncontrolled humidity. The GreenSaver system has the solution. Each Produce Keeper container features an all-natural, non-toxic activated carbon filter made from coconut husks that traps and absorbs ethylene gas, slowing down spoilage and keeping fruits and vegetables fresh longer. The container has an elevated, removable basket that promotes proper airflow and helps prevent moisture buildup by lifting produce up and away from the bottom and sides of the container. This basket can also be used as a colander to rinse fruits and veggies. The vent on top of each Produce Keeper slides open and closed to maintain optimum humidity levels for different types of produce.

Carbon filter replacements sold as set of 4.

15.40 x 19.30 x 21.90 cm

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