Fresh & Save 10pc Assorted Vacuum Bags by Zwilling


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  • Suitable for use in the microwave
  • Set of 10 bags (2 x 8L bags, 4 x 4L bags, &  4 x 1.2L bags.
  • Materials: BPA-free, plastic (bags, zipper), silicone (valve)
  • Reusable, incl. labeling field
  • Easy handling of the vacuum bags with the innovative valve (lock and key principle with vacuum pump) and zipper for easy opening and closing.
  • Easy linking of the vacuum bag with the ZWILLING Culinary World App via the QR code on the bags for tracking food and shelf life.
  • Individual bag ID on every vacuum bag for easy identification of identical types of food in the fridge and freezer.
  • Free app calculates how long the vacuum sealed food and meals can be kept and the reminder function informs you in good time when the food needs to be consumed. Recipes, explanatory videos and a shopping list round of the services offered by the app.