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Annie Sloan

Chalk Paint™ Wax -Clear 120ml (4oz)

Chalk Paint™ Wax -Clear 120ml (4oz)

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Chalk Paint™ Wax is used to seal and protect your painted furniture or any other indoor project. It is a soft wax with a mellow luster and enhances the paint colours. Buff for a higher sheen or enjoy the matt finish. Simply brush on with one of our Annie Sloan Wax brushes, or use a clean cotton rag, then polish.

Clear Wax can be used on its own or under other Chalk Paint™ Colour Waxes to tone down the finished effects. Available in two sizes, for small or large projects.

Chalk Paint™ Wax is water repellent and we recommend a minimum of two coats for protection. Clean up is with soap and warm water. 

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