Chalk Paint™ Wax -Black 500ml (16oz)

Annie Sloan

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Chalk Paint™ Wax is used to seal and protect your painted furniture or any other indoor project. It is a soft wax with a mellow luster and enhances the paint colours. Buff for a higher sheen or enjoy the matt finish. Simply brush on with one of our Annie Sloan Wax brushes, or use a clean cotton rag, then polish.

Black Wax cools and enriches your paint colours, particularly the darker tones. Greens, reds and blues are all deepened and details in the paint stand out. To better control the darkening,  use a coat of Clear Wax before applying the Dark. Available in two sizes, for small or large projects.

Chalk Paint™ Wax is water repellent and we recommend a minimum of two coats for protection. Clean up is with soap and warm water.