#8/20 Hygge for February

#8/20 Hygge for February

Hygge Games in February

 Yes, there is some snow on the ground and the icy patches are out there. It’s still winter for another month or so. Are you getting a little antsy? Is cabin fever setting in? Time to go Danish (not the sweet treats, although that’s a thought) and learn from our friends in the snowy Denmark on how to not just survive but also thrive in winter. It’s called Hygge, and I wrote about it last January when we filled our store window with ideas on embracing winter. Hygge describes enjoying the good things in life in an atmosphere of cozy togetherness with family and friends.

 Hygge is still a new concept to me, and relevant, as I sometimes struggle to graciously accept winter. As I shopped the retail trade show last month, I saw a booth with Hygge games on display. Games have always been a big part of our family gatherings. I made a beeline for the booth and purchased three different choices for the store.

 The Hygge games won me over because they mean to bring people together over laughter and stories. The one called “The Hygge Game” has over 300 questions that will “spark conversation and create the right atmosphere for a hygge evening”, as described on the back of the game box. The theme of this game is to tell stories and likely find some humor as well. As you get to know each guest or family member a little bit better, a bond forms from the sharing.

 One of the other Hygge game titles is “Things They Don’t Teach You in School” and it is funny. With over 400 questions about useless trivia, random facts and some other tidbits thrown in just for fun, it will certainly start the laughter with the answers given. Really, why doesn’t the Mona Lisa have eyebrows??

 And the third game we brought in is “How Old Are You Really?” Your true age might not be the one on your driver’s license, as your friends and family will find out when you answer (honestly, no cheating) the questions. This game also has over 300 questions and only you know if drawing something on a dirty car window is irresistible to you. That’s one of the questions. This game makes a good birthday present too.

 Playing games with my family is an opportunity to catch up, reminisce a bit, and laugh. We can be a wee bit competitive, and have long memories for who cheats, loses, wins and quits. When you play a Hygge game, you can decide if keeping score is necessary or not. Sometimes just reading the questions and listening to the answers is the right way to play. Whichever way you play, enjoy the feeling you get when a bunch of people you like are sitting together, warm, cozy, with some snacks, talking and laughing. That’s hygge.

 Did you know? ‘Hygge’ comes from an old Norwegian word for ‘hug’. Nice.

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