Enamelware for the Summer

Enamelware for the Summer

We can feel it. Summer is coming. And that means meals on the deck, barbecues galore, and as much outdoor living as we can fit into a couple of months. It also means we tend to haul out plastic, unbreakable dishes, bowls and cups to ensure safety if something hits the floor. If you are looking for alternatives to plastic, Crow Canyon has options. Crow Canyon is a USA company that has been making enamelware since 1977. Yes, nearly 50 years of family owned and operated manufacturing so we can set beautiful summer (or anytime) tables. 

First, what is enamelware? It’s been around for ages. Picture black or dark navy metal with little spots of flecks of white. That’s what we expect as a classic version of enamelware. Essentially, enamelware is steel dipped in multiple thin coats of porcelain which is then fired at extremely high temperatures. We tend to think of porcelain in terms of teacups or bathroom fixtures (your toilet and sink are often made from porcelain, with good reason). Porcelain is very strong, is completely non-porous, and is very easy to clean. Those attributes are perfect for teacups and toilets. With a base of steel under layers of porcelain, you have very durable tableware.

Crow Canyon has a hands-on approach to their manufacturing process. The steel is hand-dipped, then splattered or painted by hand, and finally the edges are hand-rolled. There’s a lot of craftsmanship in every single piece. What you end up with on your table is an ethically produced product that meets FDA and Californian safety standards (the highest in the US), and even if you do chip a bowl or plate, the materials are still all food safe so you can continue to use that piece. 

What really sets Crow Canyon apart from other enamelware is the colour. There is so much colour! Move away from black and navy to embrace red or white or splatters. The teal is lovely, red is classic, and my favourite is the white with a thin edge of black. It looks great with everything you already own. 

There is a wide variety of tableware available from Crow Canyon. Huge round platters (nearly 2 feet in diameter) are perfect for lobster feasts, oval platters for burgers, hot dogs or sandwiches, bowls for salads, colanders, cups, and a drink dispenser on a stand are just a few of the options. How about a basin for dishes? Bowls with lids for food storage? And with bright whites, splashes of red, blue, teal or black, it’s an easy fit to add Crow Canyon enamelware to your summer table. 

Did you know? From the Crow Canyon website, based on US EPA data from 2018, over 800,000 tons of plastic could be reduced annually, if plastic cups and plates were replaced with enamelware. 


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