Satin Pillowcase King Soft Grey


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A satin pillowcase will help reduce 'bedhead', when your hair is frizzy and knotted, and it is great for skin as well. Satin is a slippery fabric that, unlike cotton, tends not to wick away moisture from your hair or skin. Hair slides over it and skin doesn't stick to it. Dry skin is the start of fine wrinkles. Not just for the ladies, a satin pillowcase is great for man hair too, beards, moustaches, and sideburns. Each pillowcase has a concealed zipper and is cold water machine washable. Hang to dry is recommended.

Sold as singles

Available in 2 sizes - King 20"x36" or Standard 20"x26"

Two colour choices - White or Soft Grey

100% Polyester