What’s New for Eggs?

What’s New for Eggs?

I am constantly surprised by new products for the kitchen. You would think that everything has already been invented or updated. Not so, as a week at the trade shows proves. There are new gadgets or tools for many different food preparation needs. The one I’d like to look at this week involves eggs. The humble egg. A great source of protein, reasonably priced, and incredibly versatile to cook.

One of the new products fresh from the trade shows is the Joseph Joseph Froach Pods. Sold as a set of two, these silicone pods are used in non-stick fry pans, and look a bit egg-shaped. There is a hole in the top so you can drop your egg into the Froach Pod, add water to the little reservoir, and your egg cooks from both the bottom (the fry pan) and the top (from steam). It’s a healthier way to ‘fry’ an egg or two. The eggs come out perfectly round after 2-3 minutes of cooking. The Froach Pods are top rack dishwasher safe. 

While not new, I have to mention the Colour Changing Egg Timer. If you question the length of time it takes to cook an egg to soft, medium or hard, or always forget to set the timer, this is for you. Egg-shaped, the timer is heat sensitive. You simply put it in the saucepan with your eggs, and watch for the colour to change. It’s so accurate. Your eggs will be just the way you like them every time. If you like soft boiled eggs, I have to ask, do you dip ‘toast soldiers’ into them?

If you like soft boiled eggs, there are lots of choices for egg cups these days. Danica has a set of two stoneware egg cups that are more like little plates (so there’s a spot for your toast soldiers). Glass with beaded edges, lots of porcelain choices, including ones with chicken feet, and a chicken style of egg cup too. Soft boiled eggs need to have the top of the egg removed and there is a gadget for that, with a ring of sharp points to perforate the shell. And you may need egg spoons.

What’s new for eggs includes how to store them. There is a new kitchenware company, Oggi, (pronounced ‘o-gee’) with two styles of fridge storage containers for eggs. And what makes it special is that the smaller one holds 14 eggs, the larger holds 21, because you buy eggs before you completely run out. Smart. And now you are less likely to run out because the containers are clear acrylic so you can see your eggs. 

I love eggs, almost every way you can cook them, and it always makes me happy to see ways to improve my egg cooking or consumption. And running out of eggs is a pain, so thanks Oggi. 

Did you know? Hens were first domesticated for laying eggs by China, way back in 5400 BC. Europe didn’t have laying hens until the 7th century BC. 


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