Piccolo from Cuisipro

Piccolo from Cuisipro

A piccolo is a smaller version of a flute, similar but different. Cuisipro has designed a line of kitchen utensils that are smaller versions of larger tools, so similar but different as well. The Piccolo utensils are about 2/3 the size of standard turners, tongs and spoons. Why would you need or want something smaller for your kitchen? Here are three good reasons to shop small:

Space. If you are outfitting a camper or boat, or even a very small kitchen, you soon learn how to make every square inch count. Most of the standard sized kitchen utensils will take up more room in a drawer or in your utensil holder. Not every tool has to have a long handle. Smaller utensils obviously take up less room in storage, leaving more room for flatware and other kitchen necessities. The Piccolo line of gadgets is very compact yet it has strength in the stainless steel handles and quality in the silicone ends.

Convenience. Have you ever rested a standard sized spoon or flipper on the edge of a bowl or saucepan, only to have it tip out and make a mess on the stove or counter? The handle can be so long that the weight of it is more than the actual tool. I’ve had this happen with so many spatulas especially. As we down size, for whatever reason, we are often cooking smaller meals for one or two people. Our cookware is smaller, along with our mixing bowl needs, so smaller utensils just make sense. All the Piccolo tools are dishwasher safe, while taking up less room, heat resistant for cooking, and designed to handle smaller portions or cookware.

Comfort. It’s no secret that as we age, our hands can be affected by arthritis or other strength-weakening ailments. But we still want to bake and cook. Smaller, lighter tools can be a big help in the kitchen. Utensils that feel comfortable and secure in your hand while you stir, spoon, flip, grate or turn means less pain or soreness. On the other end of getting older is encouraging younger people to cook, from as early an age as possible. Often the tools designed for children are little more than toys, made from plastic and not particularly heat resistant or sturdy. The Piccolo kitchen utensils are perfect for older and younger hands. Teaching children how to cook and bake using real tools is always a better choice. 

The Piccolo utensil line up includes a spoon, a slotted spoon, a spatula, a turner and tongs, all with stainless steel handles and high heat resistant silicone ends so you won’t scratch your pans or bowls. There is also a grater and a pair of tongs that are fully stainless steel. The silicone is food grade so quality is not compromised in your food preparation. Dishwasher safe, comfortable, compact- the Piccolo line-up has it all.

Did you know? The piccolo plays one full octave higher than a flute and is approximately half the size. 


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