Lulujo for the Little Ones

Lulujo for the Little Ones

It’s a familiar story; new mother can’t find the products she wants for her baby so starts making things herself. That’s just how Lulujo began in 2008. The founder, Dawn Pottier, made a swaddle blanket for her baby out of muslin. She thought, “if I need this for my baby, other moms will too”.  Fast forward to 2024 and Lulujo’s is now shipping a variety of baby products world-wide.

Dawn named the company for her two children. Still based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Lulujo’s is another fabulous example of a small Canadian company with big ambitions and reach. The product line has expanded over the years, and now includes just about everything a new mum needs for her little one. Bibs, burp cloths, swaddle cloths, blankets, wash cloths and towels, sleep sacs, hats, and bedding are all part of the Lulujo line-up.

The quality of the fabrics used is one reason for the success of the company. 

Each piece of fabric bears the label OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. That’s important because it means these textiles have been tested for harmful substances. New parents everywhere are focussed on safety for their children and nothing gets more scrutiny that baby items. From the harvesting to the finished product, an item with the globally recognized OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 label is certified harmless to humans. Not just the fabric, but any embellishment such as satin binding, buttons, decorative stitching, anything on the textile has to meet this standard. And the standards are reviewed annually to ensure compliance for the industry and the consumer.

I first found out about Lulujo’s when my granddaughter Gwennie was given a little security blanket as a baby. (Six years ago now!) Small, about 16” or 40cm square, bound in soft, silky satin, this blanket went everywhere with her. As a toddler, learning to sleep in her own bed, it was a great comfort. Now there are two granddaughters, four and six, and both still pack their blankies for sleepovers. These have been washed hundreds of times. More have been added over the years so that one is never left without a blanket and the patterns are so sweet. Dogs, sailboats, ice creams, llamas, jungle, and butterflies are just a few. 

The swaddle blankets are one of the most versatile baby items from Lulujo’s. Use it to wrap up a newborn (there’s a great video on the Lulujo’s site showing just how to do this), lay it down for a play blanket, cover a stroller in the sun, and it can be a burp cloth or a nursing cover in a pinch. Swaddle blankets made from muslin are incredibly soft and durable. The organic cotton washcloths get rave reviews from parents as the little 8” or 20cm cloths get softer with use and are just the right size for little faces and bodies. 

There seem to be a number of babies arriving, and Lulujo’s is ready to welcome these little ones with something soft, safe and very durable. Another great Canadian company stepping up to provide quality. Love it!

Did you know? Satin binding was first used to prevent the raw edges of a wool or felted blanket from fraying. It looked nicer and felt softer. 



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