Light Touches

Light Touches

As we get closer to the summer equinox, our days get longer. That is lovely! More light for longer into the evenings. However, there are still days when it’s cloudy or raining, then dark corners seem darker. A solution to keeping your home or cottage bright on all days, and into the evenings, could be a small lamp. These small lamps are perfect for shelves, or side boards, or on a bookcase. A small lamp isn’t meant to light up a big area. It’s job is to brighten a small space, banishing gloom.

The thing is, not every house or cottage has a conveniently located outlet for your small lamp. There’s a solution to that problem; a Trilight- the rechargeable lamp you simply touch to turn on. It gets better. When you touch the lamp to turn it on, you have three choices of light. A Soft light to brighten a dark corner, not necessarily a light you would read by or do hand work such as cross stitch. Warm light is the second option and this light is a bit stronger than Soft light so you could read or do a puzzle. The strongest light is Bright and it is definitely enough to see things clearly, remembering that these small lights are meant to illuminate small spaces, not the whole room. 

It’s the rechargeable feature that intrigued me. I live in a house built in the 50’s. There are lots of outlets but few are just where I want them to be, or I’d have to cut a hole in the back of the bookcase or cabinet to feed a plug through. Yes, I have done that but with reluctance. Now, I can put a small lamp anywhere. And because the light is LED, there is little to no heat generated by the bulb. Depending on the light I choose, the lamp will stay lit for up to 24 hours (on the Soft setting) and for about 6 hours on the Bright. It takes 5-6 hours to charge with a USB cord (included with each lamp). 

The variety of Trilights is wonderful. My favourite are the toadstool style, available in Rose, Gold or Silver. They just look so cute, standing about 8” tall, with a cap top that you touch to turn on. The taller style, at 15”, comes in white, black, green or blue. And again, you just touch the lamp to turn it on or to change the lighting intensity.  

Light touches by Trilight, a fabulous way to add a bit of bright to your spaces, where ever that might be. I plan on using a toadstool on my patio table this summer. 

Did you know? The inventor of the USB is Ajay Bhatt, a computer architect, born in India, working for Intel in the US. He wanted a faster way to hold and transfer large amounts of data. He currently holds over 130 patents. 


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