Hopper Studios- It’s All About the Little Things

Hopper Studios- It’s All About the Little Things

July starts with a bang in Canada, literally, with fireworks as we celebrate Canada’s birthday. This month, I will showcase a number of Canadian companies I think need a little limelight, starting with Hopper Studios.

Hopper Studios isn’t a very big company. What is big about it is the whimsy and attention to detail on every product they produce. Cards and gift enclosures are two of the most important lines for Hopper. Their cards and gift enclosures are just sweet. Beautifully reproduced watercolours of animals (mostly) and birds, are printed on textured FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper. Sometimes we give a card as a gift and with a Hopper card, there is a little bit of whimsical knowledge included on each one. For example, on the Horse Birthday card (not for horses, but with a watercolour of a horse on it), the back of the card has the following note:

“Did you know that horses all have different ways of showing affections? Some are nippy, they may put their teeth on each other or on people. Another sign of affection is nickering in a soft voice to their favourite human! They make great ‘neigh’bours.”

Inside the envelope is a beautiful watercolour in muted tones of flowers. Opening the card is like opening a gift. There’s lots of blank space inside the card so you can personalize it. 

The gift enclosures have the same sort of detail in miniature form, with a pretty inside to the envelope, and a little fact printed on the back of the enclosure to match the watercolour image on the front. Gift enclosures are just that, little cards to go along with a gift to say who is it from. Not every occasion requires a card.

Hopper Studios also makes cushions and dishtowels. The images screened on to these items are the same sort of soft watercolours. The sale tags attached have little facts written inside, again matching the images on the items.

The bumblebee dishtowel has a fact about how many times a bee flaps its wings per second. Any guesses? It’s about 200 times per second, and that’s what makes the buzzing sound.

All Hopper Studio paper products are designed and printed in Canada. Their soft goods, like the dishtowels and cushions, are Canadian designs but are printed off shore. For now. The more we shop for items made right here in our own country, the more we will find is produced here. It’s supply and demand. And the pricing is very competitive, maybe even better than some of the imported items. 

When you are out and about this summer, how about making it a priority to choose something designed, produced, and owned by a Canadian company as you shop? It will make a difference, one card at a time.

Did you know? Ancient Chinese and Egyptians were the first to give greeting cards with messages of good wishes in them. It started as part of a New Year’s tradition.



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