Fresh-n-Save, Especially the Save Part

Fresh-n-Save, Especially the Save Part

It’s all everyone talks about; food prices are higher than ever before. We want to make every dollar count as we feed our families. Shopping for food in season in one great way to do this but, how do you preserve that food for the off-season? Zwilling Fresh & Save is a hand-held vacuum system designed to preserve food. It’s simple to use.

I’ve written about this system before and now I can tell you that the 2 year old bag of strawberries I left in my freezer as a ‘test’ package is still lovely. The berries are still red, there is very little freezer burn or frost, and they taste great. Why does vacuum sealing work so well, even in the freezer? It’s all food science.

Food spoils due to a number of factors, primarily, air and oxygen. Air is full of microorganisms. These microorganisms are bacteria and will grow on food sources. The oxygen in the air feeds the bacterial growth. Fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits are constantly ripening due to enzymes on the skins. If there is moisture in the mix, decay speeds up. Even items that are baked or processed, such as breads and cheeses, will grow mold as moisture comes from inside the food and sits on the surface. 

Food storage starts with your refrigerator. If it’s too warm, the conditions for bacterial growth are higher. Too cold and delicate produce freezes then thaws. Fridge drawers help to regulate the temperature in that specific space. 

Next, it’s important to remove as much of the air as possible. That is where the Fresh & Save shines. With a variety of container sizes, available in plastic or glass, with tight fitting lids, the vacuum pump quickly removes the air and seals the food.  Removing air from cooled food using a vacuum sealed bag or container is the best way to keep it fresh and avoid yucky freezer burn taste if you are freezing it. For foods stored best in plastic bags, several sizes are available, all with a vacuum vent. There are lunch box containers too, perfect for school or work and for leftovers.

The Zwilling Fresh & Save vacuum pump is about the size of a pepper mill and is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It charges like a cell phone. To break the vacuum seal, just push the silicon button on the lid to one side or unzip the bag. A Zwilling Fresh & Seal system will pay for itself very quickly as your food waste costs drop. Bonus, the bags are reusable. 

Saving is something we all want to do, especially with our grocery bills. Fortunately, the Fresh & Save vacuum system is here to help.

Did you know? There are over 200 edible varieties of what we call ‘berries’ growing wild in Canada.It’s a feast!



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