Bamboo on Your Bed

Bamboo on Your Bed

Absolutely Fabulous at Home               written June 22, 2015

 Sweet Summer Sleep

 We are planning a summer of sun. Lots of outdoor activities including gardening and lawn care, sports (either as a participant or a spectator), work and play, all of which leave us tired and ready to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Getting into bed is one of my favorite things to do at the end of a productive day. It feels like a well-deserved reward to slide into smooth cool sheets, mentally preparing to drift off and recharge the batteries for another day.

 As we head into the warmth of summer, and the occasional muggy night, it is a great time to talk about bamboo sheets and the comfortable sleep environment these sheets create on your bed.

 Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and ecological resources in our world. It is a grass and grows quickly without chemicals or pesticides. It is constantly producing new shoots from the roots and absorbs more carbon dioxide while releasing more oxygen than any other plant. It has literally hundreds of uses from food and fabric to furniture and floors.

 Fabrics made from bamboo fibers are naturally anti-static with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that never wash out. The absorbency of the fiber means it dyes well and holds the colour wash after wash.

Sheets made from bamboo are soft and silky, draping over you, wicking away heat, and moisture from your skin as you sleep. The fiber helps regulate a comfortable, consistent body temperature so this is why bamboo sheets are loved by women of a ‘certain age’, and should be a joy to ‘hot’ men of any age!

 The natural hypoallergenic properties of bamboo make these sheets a great choice for anyone who suffers from allergies or for those with a low immune system. The finished product of the fabric retains the anti-bacterial quality of the plant. It works like a repellant and it known as ‘bamboo kunh’, inhibiting bacterial growth so dust mites have no food source and thus less attraction to the fabric.

 The silky soft drape of the sheets is comforting as it breathes more than three times as cotton so your body can more easily maintain a comfortable temperature. Moisture is wicked away by the fibers of the sheets. Each fiber has micro-holes to capture moisture and micro-gaps to trap air. More air between the sheet and your skin is the reason you are 2-3 degrees cooler in summer (and warmer in winter but we don’t want to go there…)

 Used with covers made from natural materials such as cotton, down or wool, bamboo sheets can help you have a more comfortable, less interrupted sleep. Better sleep equals better health and a happier day!

 Cathy and Staff

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